A Brief Guide On What The T1-11 Siding Really Is

T1-11 siding was widely being used in the seventies and eighties to build homes. The reason for that was that these were much more affordable as compared to wood sidings.

However, T111 siding is not weather proof which means that they need to be painted in order to make them capable of providing proper protection from heat, sunlight and from water. On its own, it is not treated and this makes it incapable of resisting damage from water and moisture as well as from sunlight.

When it is exposed to sunlight, water and moisture it will start to rot and it can also suffer from problems such as water seepage. However, it is possible to create them by combining certain wood supplies with a few other kinds of materials to create a plywood kind of siding.

There are in fact both plywood sidings and cedar ones that are quite popular and these boards look very like clapboards but are not exactly like real clapboard. They will however look more natural than steel or aluminum.

It may be pointed out that despite the fact that T111 siding are not very popular today because they cannot offer weatherproof capabilities they are still very efficient and are an ideal option when making a shed that can also be set up very easily. This is why these items are still being used in many homes.

T111 siding is made to make it look like a real wood siding. It has grooves that are thin and which will be flowing along the side of the boards length and this is what helps to make it look different than a panel of wood that has been put together. These sidings can easily be set up and are far easier to set up as compared to other sidings and can easily be installed by nailing everything together.

There are two main types of T111 siding. The first one is the one that is known as a plywood siding and the other one is called the OSB or Orientated Strand Board. The former type is costlier than the latter type as well as wafer board products. These products resemble the natural wood products and are better looking as well.

There are also two different types of plywood sidings and they look very like hardwood and can either be hewn. The second type is called the Sanded variety.

The Orientated Strand Board is also like the wafer board and is much cheaper than the plywood version and is much better and more effective at resisting moisture. This is achieved because it has wooden flakes and natural raisins in it.

The plywood version can be painted and also stained and it is also capable of sucking up stain. If you add a number of stain coats to it, it will then become capable of providing better treatment and will act as a shield against the elements.

The Orientated Strand Board is better suited to be painted upon as if you stain it, it will not be effective enough. By painting it, you will get a product that can withstand exposure to sunlight as well as water.

It is important to maintain these products well and care should be taken to protect it against water and sunlight as well as heat. This is why it is important to ensure that the painting as well as staining is done in a consistent and constant manner.

Basically, the T111 siding happens to be very strong and has a long life and in this regard it will last for much longer as compared to the wood versions. There is no need to constantly maintain the T111 siding and in this it is much better than the wood versions which need repeated maintenance. Even so, you must do your best to maintain the T111 siding as often as possible as that will help to prolong its life and make it much more effective.

Before installing the T1-11 siding, it is important to paint and stain it and you also need to ensure that you apply suitable number of coats. If you apply the right amount of paint coats then the T1-11 siding will not require frequent painting and in addition it will last for much longer.

If you have constructed a simple structure in your home for leisure or home improvement then you should certainly think about using T111 siding which is a good means to construct a basic shed and even a garage. Before constructing the structure with these materials you should get an expert to advise and help you complete the construction. The expert can recommend suitable material and will also teach you about the pros and cons of using a T1-11 siding.